The school began at Tigard United Methodist Church as a private kindergarten becoming incorporated as a non-profit organization May 12, 1958. Tigard Kindergarten and a preschool, Tigard Playschool, merged December 18, 1974 as Tigard Playschool, Inc.

Serving Tigard and the surrounding communities. We became a member of the Parent Child Preschools Organization (PCPO) in the late 1970’s gaining cooperative preschool status.

Our cooperative playschool gives children the opportunity to play with our children while experiencing a wide variety of activities and materials. The program helps children develop respect for others, independence, confidence, and a positive attitude toward school.

Parental involvement during class time brings us closer together, more involved in our children’s education, and more aware of child development.

Our teachers honor, respect, and show compassion for every child they teach and are committed to establishing trusting relationships. They are patient in explaining expectations, lovingly set clear limits, and teach the children to respect others as well as themselves. At Tigard Playschool, children get the love they need to grow and prepare for a lifetime of learning.

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