Parent Responsibilities

At Tigard Playschool, parents and teachers work together as a team to create a safe and secure environment in which our children learn and grow. Parental involvement is crucial to the overall success of the school and a co-op allows more involvement than a traditional school. At Tigard Playschool, parent responsibilities include:

The teacher-directed program uses parent teachers to provide a low child to adult ratio. Within each class, 3 to 4 adults parent-teach each school day.  Having the extra adults in the classroom allows the teacher to teach, support spontaneous ideas from the children, and observe individual students for activity and curriculum planning. Parents will observe classroom activities, teacher/child interactions and their children’s successes when they work in the classroom 2-3 times a month. Under the guidance of the teacher, parents will help coordinate activities, supervise the playground, and assist in the general cleanup. Additionally, parents will help open the school in August and close the school in June by working a 4 hour shift per family.

By attending three mandatory general meetings and two mandatory class meetings throughout the year, parents will be well informed, receive parent education and have ample opportunity to voice concerns, offer suggestions or ask questions.

Every family has an active part in the school operations by serving on a committee or holding a position on the Board of Directors. The choice of committees/positions varies widely and every effort is made to match a family to the committee or position of their choice.

Prior to the beginning of the school year, at least one parent from each family will attend an orientation to help pave the way to a successful transition into the new school year.

To keep tuition costs low, each family is asked to participate in fundraising to benefit the school. The fundraising commitment is $300 per year. Several fundraising projects are offered to help families easily reach this commitment. A buyout is available for families choosing not to participate in the events.

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