Cub Club

For years parents at Tigard Playschool Inc. (TPI) have struggled to find a safe, fun, and affordable place to leave siblings of TPI students while the parents were working in the classroom, or meeting with other parents. Out of this need Cub Club was born.

What is the purpose of Cub Club?

The purpose of Cub Club is to give children a safe, fun classroom that is open on a reservation or drop-off basis. Cub Club is available to TPI families while a parent works as a parent/teacher or while engaged in non-TPI, personal business.

Cub Club FAQ

Cub Club is open to children from age 2 to age 8, as long as they are a TPI student, the sibling of a TPI student or a TPI alumnus. Cub Club is open to children from birth to age 23 months as long as their parent is working in a sibling’s classroom. The number of staff depends on the number of students; we strive to maintain the same student/teacher ratio as our classrooms. Our scheduled hours are 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Cub club is $6/hour.

What activities are offered?

The classroom is set up with a blocks, manipulatives (science and math), sensory, art, library, and dress up area. Cub Club provides an engaging environment for kids to enjoy. We support the curriculum and teaching goals of TPI classes and the individual students. Each month a new theme is introduced. Crafts and activities related to the theme are available to the students. The Cub Club experience is filled with a variety of activities for the students. These activities encourage play, creativity, and social interaction. All students are empowered to make their own choices regarding activities.

Any additional benefits of Cub Club to parents, Students, Siblings?

Cub Club is a convenient service for TPI parents. Students are in the care of teachers they already know and trust. We like to say that we are pre-pre-school for the really young kids. Cub Club serves an important role in acclimating young children to the TPI environment. Children of a young age learn about parents leaving them for a while, sharing, following rules, cooperation and learning pro-social skills. For older students, they are in an environment that is familiar and safe. They get a chance to lead by example and help with the young cubs. They can do arts and crafts inside, or play time outside. Older students may choose to read a book quietly to themselves or other students. Their time is theirs.

Anything else?

Cub Club is staffed by caring, loving teachers. They work hard to be adaptable and flexible to the needs of students and their families. The difference in ages makes for a stimulating environment for all. Alumni students love coming to Cub Club. They’re too old for the regular classes, but still find comfort being at TPI. Cub Club means connecting with beloved teachers and other alumni. We are extremely proud of Cub Club. It started as little more than a convenience class for parent/teachers. It has developed (and is still developing) into an integral part of TPI.

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