DSC_3181Numerous studies have shown that young children learn best in an experiential environment where they are encouraged to play. Instead of worksheets and drills, Tigard Playschool emphasizes building, pretending, creating, and fun. In fact, at our school you’ll find the teachers right down on the floor with the kids! Whether they are dancing, singing, playing make-believe, or giving monster pushes on the swings, our teachers are always favorite playmates.

Each child brings to the classroom his/her own distinct personality with differing needs, desires, and abilities. At Tigard Playschool, students are allowed to choose their activities from a number of available options. At the same time, however, our teachers gently encourage children to step outside of their comfort zone to try something new.

DSC_3153The students at Tigard Playschool are encouraged to explore. The classrooms have been arranged so that kids can be free to be kids. If they like to use big globs of glue, okay! If fingers feel better than paintbrushes, go for it! Art projects are about the discovery process and taking pride in something you have created. Children do not simply re-create an adult-modeled project. Instead, they are given the freedom to design their own masterpieces.

DSC_3147Cooperative playschools provide a positive experience for both parent and child. Parents are able to observe classroom activities and are reassured that their children are safe and happy. With Mom or Dad by their side, children tend to make an easier transition into school. At Tigard Playschool, parents are valued as an important part of the teaching team. As such, they receive training and guidance that emphasizes how to interact positively with children in the classroom. Most importantly, however, our teachers are stellar role models! As one parent stated, “I learn something new every time I work in the classroom.”

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