Laurie, D.

(May 2009)

“I have two children: Kyra, four years, and Jace, two years. This upcoming year will be Kyra’s 3rd with TPI and Jace’s 1st.

For the 2007-2008 school year, I was drawn to Tigard Playschool by the low cost, close proximity, and positive reviews. TPI is special to me because I’m welcomed as part of the classroom and get to share in so many of my child’s experiences. TPI is special to my child because of the child-led and open-ended philosophy and accepting and nurturing environment.

I’ll always remember the big dance songs teacher Susie played at the end of each 3s class (Rock ‘n Roll Rythm Band, Rollin’ One, Hokey Pokey, Oh I Want to be a Dog, Yesterday When I Was Asleep, etc.) Just remembering the kids getting so into those songs tears me up.”

Gretchen T.

(May 2008)

I have two children: Jo, seven years, attended January 2005 to June 2007 and Erika, attended September 2007 to June 2009

It’s difficult for me to express all that TPI means to me because I have so many thoughts and because I think of something new all the time, but I tried to list some of the reasons why I chose this school:

What initially drew me to TPI was how much Jo enjoyed his first and second experiences there. He felt right at home. He jumped in and interacted without hesitation. He didn’t want to leave.

I was treated with respect and courtesy and teachers and parents took the time to talk with me and answer my questions. I felt welcomed and warmth from everyone I encountered. Most importantly, every adult got on Jo’s level and made him feel respected and welcomed.

There are so many ways in which TPI is special to my children and to me. My children feel secure going to school and always enjoy being there. These are the top priorities in our minds. I have enjoyed spending time with them in the classroom immensely and will always remember the days we have shared together. My children’s security, safety and enjoyment have always been the main reason we are here, but I have also gained a wealth of other benefits as well.

I have been able to form a community with other parents and have the honor of working with many of them to help run the school. I’ve also been lucky enough to have the tremendous joy and satisfaction of being able to share the endless wonders of our environment with prospective families. The main reason I have chosen to do this is because I’m incredibly inspired by our passionate, hard-working teachers. I’m in true awe of all they do for our children.

One experience stands out in my mind from a Pre-K circle time. Teacher Susie was sharing a story of a king having a ball . . . in a bathtub! The expressions and excitement she infused into the telling of that story were truly amazing. I had never seen a group of 4 and 5 year-olds so enthralled by a story teller. The group became so interested in the story they all started to stand and come closer. The expressions on the children’s faces of laughter and sheer joy will always remain etched in my mind. Upon finishing the story, teacher Susie gracefully left the book propped by the doorway out of the classroom so the children could look at it further. Several children looked through the book, recalling parts of the story, before leaving for the day. It was the most engaging children-to-adult interaction I had ever seen.

Some of the experiences I will remember most are spending time with my children in the classroom and at special events. We had the joy of doing the same art projects two years in a row with Jo, for example, and it’s so exciting to do some of the same ones with Erika. As children take comfort in repetition, adults often do as well. Being able to watch the looks on their faces as they engage with teachers and friends and their excitement over daily activities and circle time is thrilling. Knowing they’re building a sense of community and caring for others brings such joy. These are incredible years and I would not chose to spend them in any other way.”

Dina W.

(May 2008)

“I have two children, Mary attended 3 years and Ryan will attend 2 years at TPI

I visited several preschools before choosing TPI and the reason I chose it is simple. I felt comfortable and welcomed. At all the other schools we visited, I felt awkward standing in the corner observing the children. I felt like the teachers I observed felt awkward too because it was not part of their learning environment to have parents in the classroom. This was, and is, obviously not the case at TPI. I have never felt awkward at TPI and always feel I have something extra to offer the classroom–if not just a smile to my child, but to others as well. It feels like a community and I like that for myself as well as for my children.

What makes TPI special is the teachers and the philosophy. We have had teacher Susie and we think she is amazing. She makes the children feel safe as well as respected and she makes them feel important. She listens with intent. She also teaches the children boundaries and etiquette in the classroom and does so respectfully and with a kind heart. TPI is also special because of its parent-teachers. TPI can offer so much more to children because of our adult to child ratio and is a very nurturing environment.

Memories: I will always remember that Mary believes teacher Susie is excited to see her every day and can’t wait to give her a hug–I mean Mary believes teacher Susie is excited to hug Mary (and of course, Mary is excited, too). I will also remember that Mary has loved every day of her 3 years at TPI–truly.”

Angie A.

(June 2009)

“I have one son, Jackson, who has attended TPI for 2 years.

I was initially drawn to Tigard Playschool because my son and I both had separation anxiety when he was 2, but I wanted for him to get more playtime with other toddlers. The 2s class was great for us because I could be a part of his school experience and everyone made me feel comfortable staying with him at school until I was comfortable leaving him. It only took a few times and he was fine! He adjusted better than I expected thanks to teacher Trudi and the fun environment. The co-op experience has also been great for me, as a first time mom, because I learned so much from the teachers and other parents while I was parent-helping.

What makes TPI special to Jackson and me? TPI is special to me because Jackson loves going there so much! He’s always happy to be there.  I’ll always remember the tea parties and holiday celebrations. Even every day circle times will be remembered as fun times we shared together!”

Tracy W.

(June 2009)

“Kaiya attended for 2 years and Braeden will attend for 2 years (Pre-K, 2009-10)

My family was drawn to TPI after being at another co-op preschool in Beaverton that we really liked, but was too far for us to drive. We enjoyed the ‘other’ school’s philosophy and child-centered curriculum and sought to match it the best we could. We discovered that teacher Susie was a good friend of the other school’s director and shared a similar view on the preschool experience. We enjoyed co-op structure and wanted to maintain that as well–though the days can sometimes seem long, we realized that the time is short and we wanted to be a part of it as much of it as possible.

The teachers are bar none the best part of TPI!! As of this year, we have had the pleasure of experiencing both teacher Susie and teacher Trudi. They definitely have their individual styles, but their love for the children is unequivocal. I know that my daughter is thriving in kindergarten due in part to her early experience at TPI, and my preschool age son loves school as well–in fact we had to sign him up to attend Pre-K a year earlier than planned because he just loves TPI so much!

In addition, though it seems like an awful lot of work at the time, I know that parent teaching has been so special to each of my children. They see that not only are they important to me, but that school is important too, and that just lays the groundwork for their future success.

I will always remember:

My daughter’s love for the dramatic play area–more specifically, her love for the unicorn costume and how she would wear it the whole day.

Teacher Trudi’s friend ‘orbit’

My son’s love for the ‘race cars’ outside

My son’s requirement that on school days we wear our ‘Tigard Playschool shirt’ (this has occasionally been an issue when laundry hasn’t been done on time!)

How teacher Susie was ‘waiting’ just for Braeden each day he came to the 3s class. He thought that was So special that she had been waiting just for him!!”

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