Tigard Playschool is a cooperative playschool that uses play to help children learn. We are also a member of Parent Child Preschools Organization (PCPO). In the fall of 2015, we will offer a 2-Day class, a 3-Day class, an afternoon Mixed Age Class and a Pre-K class.

Tigard Playschool has a strong reputation in the community for a warm, loving environment with close teacher-student relationships. Our curriculum is known for its creative art, sensory science, enthusiastic music and movement program, and popular dramatic play area with themes that change monthly.

When children first visit our school, they are naturally drawn into the classrooms because they look like such great places to play! Parents however are always relieved to know that our space is not only fun, it is also organized into distinct learning centers. Materials are carefully selected for each area so that no matter where children choose to spend their time, they are learning.

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