Tigard Playschool, Inc. gives children the opportunity to play with other children while experiencing a wide variety of activities and materials. The program helps children develop independence and self-confidence, and a positive attitude toward school. The children also develop small and large motor skills and speaking and listening skills. Children acquire knowledge of the world around them through the curriculum, special projects and field trips. Tigard Playschool encourages individuality while teaching children to respect the rights of others and to cooperate with the group. The children also benefit from their parent’s increased awareness of child development through parent teaching, speakers and workshops and interaction with other parents.


Values at the heart of Tigard Playschool

The values we hold for children’s experiences at Tigard Playschool (TPI) are reflected in the day’s schedule. We want the children’s time here to be characterized by the following:

  • Long uninterrupted choice time in which children’s questions, understandings, emotions, and explorations are valued.
  • Opportunities for children to form relationships with each other are encouraged, fostered, and supported by adults. Value is placed on creating a community shaped by playfulness, inquiry, and affection in which conflicts are seen as opportunities to strengthen connections and practice cooperation and collaboration.
  • Opportunities to get messy and dive into sensory exploration.
  • The use of different media to represent their thoughts, ideas, experiences, and feelings.
  • Safe places for children to be strong and powerful in their bodies, engage in bold physical play and risk taking.
  • Time, space, and supplies for children to transform materials; making, shaping, taking apart, and recreating.
  • Adults moving with respect and quiet gentleness in the classrooms, acknowledging with our voices, movements, and demeanor that this is a child’s space.

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